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Unleashing the power of our Global Cleantech Industry Solutions to serve Humanity

Often used as a buzz-word in the past, sustainability is now a cornerstone of successful business and is the bedrock of our brand and customer proposition.

In recent years more and more companies have moved either voluntarily or by force of regulation towards using greener non-toxic chemicals in their industries. Climate change and the increasing pressure on companies to both report accurately on their carbon footprint and the steps they are taking to reduce it, have meant a significant step-change for many industries.

It is no longer simply paid lip-service but is increasingly built into the triple bottom line of organisations and has become woven into the very fabric of the way their businesses are run. Something previously, often seen as simply costing money, sustainability is now proven to reduce costs over time and importantly build customer trust and loyalty.

Our chemistries can help businesses do all these things and in the last few years, we have adapted our own sales strategy to accommodate their needs. Not simply about selling products but rather to engage companies in helping ‘them’ to save money and hit their sustainability targets at the same time.


Our products have had to evolve and the partnerships we have because of this are far stronger than traditional customer/supplier relationships. Whilst sustainability is in focus across the globe, we believe we are still 12-18 months ahead of the curve in terms of our approach and, given the benefits of our chemistries we have a unique and timely opportunity to see both returns on investment and push the boundaries of sustainable products


Everyday Cleaning

Non-toxic, environmentally 
sourced and readily biodegradable, our Everyday Cleaning products consistently show better results than chemical alternatives.  In addition they are safer to use, store and dispose of. A sustainable solution without the organic price tag.


Advanced Surface Protection

ASP is a proven nano-technology delivering efficiencies in fuel economy and cost reductions across a range of industries. Produces a drag reduction coefficient of more than 40% and airline fuel savings of at least 1.6%.


Sanitisation & Virus Control

Safe for food, safe for water; our bottled, ‘electrolysed’ water, manufactured using a patented process, from deionised water and high purity salt (Sodium Chloride), creates small, electrically charged water molecules highly effective at destroying microorganisms