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We manufacture plant-based cleaning, sanitising & coating solutions that we like to call 'Liquid Engineering'. 


We believe we have a global business opportunity and we have already started to challenge the aviation industry in particular and we have built a solid foundation for growth across our business footprint.


Whilst ‘global’ is the textbook goal for any business looking to go to market, we do believe that simply with the regional market in aviation alone, this business has the potential to reap substantial financial rewards. Some of our aviation forecasts look at key local contexts but in the short term there is a significant global market and we are currently focussing our efforts in building relationships and sales in these areas.


This forms the basis of our strategy with the coating, cleaning & sanitising products for aviation as our primary market offering. Whilst our balance sheet shows a modest turnover at present, we believe we have a great story to tell – and a unique one at that.


We’ve spent a number of years in R&D and testing the market and due to the competitive nature of the aviation industry, we’ve deliberately kept a lower profile until we were robust enough to engage the market. We have an exceptional team and with the right strategic partners/investors we believe that we can be a market leader in numerous business sectors.


In summary, financing expansion is now key to securing our growth."

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