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Reducing carbon,

   reducing costs

ASP is a high-performance surface coating that has had its capabilities tested, approved and certified by many of the world’s leading authorities in aerospace materials.

  • Nano-technology reduces drag friction, improving efficiency and reducing energy requirements

  • Scratch protection improves paint life

  • ASP coating protects against natural wear & tear

  • Reduces cleaning frequency & Deep Cleans the surface

  • Robust, Durable & flexible protective layer. Inc. gear bays

  • Improves fuel efficiency by reduces drag friction by >40% (tested on aircraft)

  • Extends paint life, enhances livery, UVProtection

Reduces carbon footprint Airbus & Boeing certified ASP has a vast number of applications we are currently working to leverage opportunities in the following areas: Renewables, Logistics, Shipping, Public Transport, High-Speed Rail, Skyscrapers and many more.

ENVIRONMENT Contributes to carbon reduction commitments and saves water

IMPROVEMENT Improvement in fuel efficiency > 1.80% pa EFFICIENT Reduction in drag friction coefficient by over 40% REDUCTION Reduction in surface material penetration and contaminants

Surface Protection System

The protective coating not only cleans the surface but also prevents dirt build-up


Reapplication is only required once every two years




SANTISING & Virus Control

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