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Reducing carbon

Reducing costs

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Significant cost savings

Operating three divisional brands, our interior cleaning and sanitising solutions, along with exterior vehicle and aircraft coating systems sit alongside our Equine, Vet and Pet ranges.

Sustainable, plant-based cleaning without the organic price tag

Our aim is to offer our customers the opportunity to make sustainable choices by partnering with a company that also has sustainability at its heart


Electrolysed Fogging Sanitisation Kills 99.97% of Germs in Enclosed Spaces

Our portable nebuliser creates a fog of fine droplets that float in the air, sinking very slowly to land on all surfaces disinfecting everything it comes into contact with


Surface Protection System

The protective layer not only cleans the surface but also prevents dirt build-up


Reapplication is only required once every two years

Natural grooming, skincare & stable management products

No stripping of natural oils in the coat


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