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Safe for food,

    safe for water...

Effective at Killing: Legionella, Listeria, E-coli, MRSA, Ebola, Clamptobacter, Salmonella, Herpes Group, Orthomyxo-Virus, Paramyxo-Virus, Retro-Virus, SARS and much much more. In fact it will kill 99.97% of all known germs.


Food manufacturing sanitizers are the core of food safety at a production and processing plant to onset the prevention of biofilm and food-borne diseases. Superior & safe, environmentally friendly solution for the biological disinfection and deodorization of water. EcoLife Natural Sanitisation has been proven to be very effective in protecting against legionella. It is BS EN 901 complaint, it can therefore be used in the presence of aquatic life removing pathogens. It also prevents mould growth.

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Cold Mist Sanitisation

Our unique Cold Mist Sanitisation formula can be nebulized for small to medium-sized spaces or used on a larger scale in ventilation mist, using a wide range of utilities. This cold fogging has additional benefits of odour removal and dust suppression while disinfecting hard to reach areas; often being potential treatment gaps with traditional surface disinfection.

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